And we’re back!

It’s been over 2 years since I’ve written anything here. Not because nothing has happened, but because sometimes life just gets in the way. Jax is 4 now. How crazy is that?! I have a 4 year old! He is such a smart and incredible kid and amazes me every day with the things he […]

I wish.

Being a parent isn’t always the greatest feeling in the world, majority of the time it’s filled with happiness, enjoyment and staring at the tiny human you created in awe of how incredible and smart they are. But, for me there’s times I think, “I wish I didn’t have you” , now before you look […]

Half way there.

2 years down, hopefully only two years to go. We’ve had some struggles so far, but hopefully things will get better. After Jax’s second birthday we had an appointment at the hospital. It wasn’t good. Jax had relapsed again and was put back into casts for the second time. Unfortunately for Jamie, this was the […]

Turning 2!

As another year passes I sit and think about all the things you’ve shown and taught me. You’ve pushed me to my limits (which I’m sure will continue for the rest of our lives), you’ve filled my heart with love and pride more than I ever thought possible and you’ve done nothing but make Daddy […]

Tired & grumpy.

I will never for the life of me understand how people can always be so happy and positive. It makes no sense to me. Every day I’m fighting a battle within myself to just walk away or lose my shit. I make excuses and act like nothing phases me but in reality I’m ready to […]

Same ¬†worries, different appointment.

As another hospital visit draws closer and closer, like always I’m over thinking everything.  Lately I’ve noticed Jaxon walking on his toes more often, which could mean absolutely nothing but it continuously plays on my mind. Is this another relapse? He’s falling over a bit too, this could be due to the amount of toys […]


You know those moments when your child does something and your just completely amazed and impressed and just when you thought you already loved them as much as you possibly could they make you love them even more? Jaxon does this every day with the new things he learns but yesterday I don’t think I […]